Patient Testimonials

NCPIC provides patient surveys at the conclusion of every patient visit.  Our past year's results reveal an overall score of 9 on a scale from 1-10, but we can always strive to do better for each patient we see.

We continue to keep in mind that patients who are visiting our imaging service have serious health situations and we strive to be compassionate and responsive.

See what our patients have been saying about us...


"Staff was very nice and they made me feel very comfortable during the scanning process.  I would highly recommend Northern California PET Imaging Center to everyone."  (MS)
"This could not be more stress free.  Relaxing experience.  The warm blankets was a nice touch.  And the treats at the end when you are hungry are great."  (LS)
"Everyone was very kind and explained everything that they were going to be doing to me.  Definitely very professional extremely nice for the patient.  Thank you."  (DM)
"It was a very positive experience.  Everyone was very informative and very timely."  (AW)
"The staff is great.  They made sure that I was comfortable and made it an easy experience."  (SO)
"Wonderful staff, very thorough in explaining the procedure."  (BK)
"The Techs were skilled, caring, and friendly.  They were thorough and kept me comfortable.  I received written information in the mail which was very helpful."  (MM)
"Very Fine staff and test.  Thank you all."  (CH)
"They were very nice to me and patient.  Keep up the good work."  (SC)
"Everyone was friendly and helpful.  Made the process great for me."  (LV)
"All the staff are friendly and professional.  They made sure that I was informed of all the steps during the process."  (AL)
"Quite an experience!  I fell asleep.  Technicians were nice - kept me comfortable."  (ML)
"Everyone from the check-in to the finish of my PET/CT scan couldn't have been more pleasant."  (EK)
"Your staff is superior.  The Technician was outstanding in providing knowledge, comfort and certainly went the extra mile in making my visit non-threatening."  (BH)