Clinical Trial Scanning

30 Years Supporting Clinical Trials

NCPIC has a rich history of delivering PET/CT imaging services to support both academic research and industry clinical trials.

Phase 2-4 Services

NCPIC actively supports Phase 2-4 clinical trials by offering PET/CT services, along with clinical support such as blood draws, patient monitoring, and medical directorship.

NCPIC can also assist in connecting you with Principal Investigators through our longstanding relationships with clinicians in the region.

Community-Based Advantage

Many of our clinical trial research partners prefer NCPIC as a community-based provider due to our ability to efficiently recruit research subjects compared to university settings, which often face challenges in finding suitable candidates due to the high volume of trials conducted.

Patients Seeking to Participate in a Trial

If you are a patient seeking participation in a clinical trial, kindly consult your healthcare provider or visit For further information about our services, please contact our office.