Established in 1992, the Northern California PET Imaging Center (NCPIC) proudly holds the distinction of being the nation’s pioneering freestanding non-university PET Center. Operating as a not-for-profit organization, NCPIC has consistently delivered high-quality molecular imaging to our community, garnering recognition as a premier PET Center nationwide.

Originally founded by Sutter Health, Mercy, and Radiological Associates of Sacramento, NCPIC today operates as an indpendent non-profit embarking on a groundbreaking journey to champion a revolutionary diagnostic imaging technology known as positron emission tomography (PET). PET technology demonstrated promise to help California care teams boost their efforts to treat cancer and neurology patients accurately, and NCPIC’s team helped transform the potential of PET imaging regionally.

NCPIC’s clinical and operational leadership, spearheaded by Dr. Peter Valk and Ruth Tesar, played an instrumental role in elevating PET imaging to its current level of recognition and insurance coverage within the United States. In its early days, PET imaging represented an entirely novel and pioneering field. NCPIC’s founders’ dedication led to the advancement of technology while overcoming insurance hurdles to help raise technology awareness globally and garner insurance domestically.

The founders of NCPIC were driven by a common mission: to modernize outpatient healthcare by integrating compassion, experience, and innovation care delivery into every facet of patient care, with exam proceeds being invested into ongoing company modernization efforts.

NCPIC has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in PET innovation. Aside from being the earliest adopter of non-academic PET, NCPIC also analyzed care pathways, imaging agent changes, and novel precision medicine agents to help support patient care imaging accuracy.

NCPIC’s care teams work in unison to support a patients care process, with over 90%+ of NCPIC’s patients offering positive recommendation for their care. NCPIC structure as an independent diagnostic center also allows insurance managed care and patients a much more affordable access point with detail-oriented response teams available in all areas to bring compassionate care to patients.

These efforts have solidified NCPIC’s role as a trusted partner for patients, providers, and insurance companies regionally. NCPIC continues to set the bar for excellence, enhancing the lives of patients while advancing the field of molecular imaging.