Patient Testimonials

NCPIC provides patient surveys at the conclusion of every patient visit.  Our past year’s results reveal an overall score of 9 on a scale from 1-10, but we can always strive to do better for each patient we see.

We continue to keep in mind that patients who are visiting our imaging service have serious health situations and we strive to be compassionate and responsive.

See what our patients have been saying about us…

"Very efficient, good care, friendly...Stanford Recommended this machine."
“Security -Excellent. Personnel – very professional – layout of floorplan, cleanliness is outstanding. I came form NorthBay, I was told that Nr Cal PET has a scan features that they could not duplicate. Thank you all!”
“Excellent Experience!! Your staff knew I was claustrophobic, they made it easy for me. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 highest) the experience and staff were a BILLION!”
“This is my 7th scan with NCPIC, 6 in Roseville and 1 in Sacramento. I have been pleased with all of them. As usual, excellent throughout the process.”
“It was a comfortable experience overall. No pain involved. I was so snug and comfortable that I almost fell asleep."
"Great People, Good and Safe Parking, nice clean waiting room, restroom access, Easy to Drive to off hwy 50"
"Staff was great Place Comfortable and Clean. Process easy" - Patient Fields
"Friendly and efficient staff. I enjoyed by experience.” - Patient Yost
“Your staff was prompt, efficient and caring. Thank you.”
“very quick to schedule - A+. All were friendly and nice. Procedure went well and on time. Was done locally.”
“All was Positive Experience. Scheduling, reception, and technician were all friendly , professional, courteous, and timely.”
“For a 97-year-old, everything went well, as pre-advised”
“I’m a very hard stick to find veins – my tech had to stick twice. However, very gently with little or no pain – outstanding bedside manner – much appreciated.”
“the people were very helpful and explained the process.”
“very nice and sweet to me”
"It was very Convenient, quick and stressless. Also loved the they provided snacks afterwards."
"It was already excellent, just keep it as it is."
"Great & Very Professional"
"Beautiful facility and plenty of parking. The staff is stellar."