What Patients Are Saying?

“Excellent customer service!  Everything was done well from receptionist to the explanation of services to be done, to the waiting period after injection (i.e.: conformable chair, dim the lights, and quiet).  The scan was fine with comfortable, quick and good music!” (2024 Review)

“It was nice to have it (PET/CT exam) in a building rather than a trailer with no bathroom facilitates.”  (Comparing a mobile PET experience to onsite PET).  (2024 Review)

“All the staff are very courteous and professional.  My second visit in Sacramento…all the staff were very professional and helpful.” (2024 Review)

“Great” (2024 Review)

“Very comfortable which is especially important with a chronic illness.” (2024 Review)

“Very Happy Experience.  (The PET/CT staff) was amazing.  Thank you (PET/CT Technologist)  for making me feel at ease and comfortable     “ (2024 Review)

“Excellent” (2024 Review)

“All smooth & timely from referral date to scan – since it was urgent.  Thank you.”  (2024 Review)

“Great welcoming environment.  Polite, friendly staff.  The (PET/CT Technologist) did a great job explaining the procedure and answering any questions I had.  Great team, pleasant experience.” (2024 Review)

“Procedure went smoothly, no surprises, and staff was professional and pleasant.” (2024 Review)

“Everything was great.” (2024 Review)

“The waiting area was nice and clean.  The music was nice and relaxing.  The receptionist was welcoming and attentive.  Everyone was very pleasant.  Thank you.” (2024 Review)

“Very smooth. Beautiful facility.  Tech was very knowledgeable and efficient. (2024 Review)

“The staff could not have been nicer. Keep up the good work.” (2023 review)

“(NCPIC medical assistant and technologist staff) both were very considerate, easy to speak with, and very professional. Great demeanor – calming thanks. I teased (the PET/CT technologist) I said the music could be louder. No change, very professional.” (2023 review)

“Thank you for getting me in so quickly. The process was easy, and both of the staff were great. (2023 review)

“Very convenient & straightforward. Excellent staff at the facility and on the phone. Thank you.” (2023 review)

“I apologize I kept falling asleep. You (all the staff included) were awesome. Thank you so very much for making an uncomfortable situation quite nice.” (2023 review)

“Best experience. Quick. Very Nice Staff. I am 63 years old with medical issues and many tests. This was the best. I often have CT’s, PET’s, and this is the first time ever that I didn’t have a hard time.” (2023 review)

“Stanford Recommended this machine” (what led you to NCPIC?) – “10” (2023 review)

“All the staff that I interacted with were wonderful. Everyone was very nice and thoroughly explained what was happening. Thank you for the snacks!” (2023 review)

“(NCPIC medical assistant and technologist staff) both were very professional and kind. Explained the process completely. Also, (scheduling staff) was very pleasant setting up the appointment.” – (2023 review)

“I have used NCPIC for years and (Academic Health System in Sacramento) preferred that I use some other place (i.e. Academic Heath System) because insurance will be using their own.  (I advocated to use NCPIC) – the only way to use NCPIC was to petition to have a choice of PET imaging.” (2023 review)

“I was very impressed with their professionalism. As I can see everything was good.” (2023 review)

“Very Kind crew. Felt Comfortable. Made sure we were at ease/relaxed.” (2023 review)

“(PET/CT tech staff) were great. Very friendly and organized. Kept to the schedule and explained the process. I was very pleased with the care and attention I received. Very organized and nice.” (2023 review)

“I love the employees, especially the tech that did my meds…no bruising afterward. He is a keeper.” – (2023 review)

“I had a good day. Good Job.” (2023 review)

“Everyone is always so pleasant, kind, and helpful. They truly care about all the patients.” (2023 review)

“(Medical Assistant and PET/CT technologist) staff were very good/knowledgeable. I have severe claustrophobia; I was able to have it done because of them. Compassionate, caring. Excellent. A million thank you.” (2023 review)

“Overall, it was very good.” (2023 review)

“Overall excellent.” (2023 review)

“Very professional people. All was good.” (2023 review)

“Overall, a very relaxing experience.” (2023 review)

“Fabulous as always! Friendly + professional.” (2023 review)

“Thank you for getting me in for a scan so quickly. Plus my Dr Received the results the next day!” (2023 review)

“I have claustrophobia and the staff was very caring and accommodation.” (2023 review)

“Everything was as expected, excellent.” (2023 review)

“Your reception/clerical/technical staff was stellar. Thank you.” (2023 review)

“Great. Nice People.” (2023 review)

“(PET/CT technologist who) assisted with today at 7 am he was very professional and kind.” (2023 review)

“From the phone calls to the front desk to the technician everyone was wonderful. Everything was great.” (2023 review)

“Everyone treated me with respect and efficiency (Thank you to (UCD’s driver) Mark, the driver, who made them feel very safe on the road.” (2023 review)

“The two technologists answered all my questions, and concerns; and dealt with my handicap situation in a very friendly and professional manner.” (2023 review)

“The Technician was amazing.” (2023 review)

“Thank you!!!” (2023 review)

“Very Friendly caring staff.” (2023 review)

“(Catholic Health System Lymphoma MD specialist) specified NCPIC so being better. Thank you for your excellent care!” (2023 review)

“It is already excellent, just keep it as it is” (2023 review)

“Beautiful facility and plenty of parking. Staff is stellar.” (2023 review)

“It was very convenient, quick and stressless. Also loved that they provided snacks afterward…Keep up the good work.” (2023 review)

“Great Experience from staff. Made me feel comfortable.” (2023 review)

“Great + very professional.” (2023 review)

“It was a comfortable experience overall. No pain involved. I was so snug and comfortable that I almost fell asleep.” (2023 review)

“Great People, Good and Safe Parking, nice clean waiting room, restroom access, Easy to Drive to off hwy 50.”(2023 review)

“Staff was great Place Comfortable and Clean. Process easy.” – (2023 review)

“Friendly and efficient staff. I enjoyed my experience.” – (2023 review)

“Your staff was prompt, efficient, and caring. Thank you.” (2023 review)

“Very quick to schedule – A+. All were friendly and nice. Procedure went well and on time. Was done locally.” (2023 review)

“This is my 7th scan with NCPIC, 6 in Roseville and 1 in Sacramento. I have been pleased with all of them. As usual, excellent throughout the process.” (2023 review)

“The people were very helpful and explained the process.” (2023 review)

“Very nice and sweet to me.” (2023 review)